10 Explosive Top Tips For Increasing Your Web Traffic

For those involved in web based business or online sales and marketing will know, attracting a huge amount of traffic and page views onto your websites is one of the ultimate goals to strive for.

The main motive behind this is the greater marketing potential that lead to conversions and ultimately sales.
These days the importance for a business in having a good website is significant. In our digital era almost everyone spends much of their time online, either exploring professional websites for business or shopping and social sites like Facebook and twitter for leisure.

For online entrepreneurs and web based business there are numerous benefits, the cost of doing business is greatly reduced from both the seller’s and customer’s points of view.

From browsing products, interacting with samples, selecting options and choices and even the ordering and payment process is pretty straight forward and seamless via electron means these days.

Most businesses have resorted to methods of selling their products online to cash in on the large global customer base. Customers enjoy the benefits and can just go through the information relating to various products through the company’s website, make a fast electronic payment and then await shipping or electronic download of their products.

However customers don’t just magically find your website and start buying your products or signing up to your services, especially if you are an entrepreneur, new startup, sole proprietor or small business. Perhaps you’re just starting out in online sales and marketing or working from home. Either way you have to find viewers or “Traffic” and drive them to your website. This is the only way to generate sales.
Here are 10 Explosive Top Tips For Increasing Your Web Traffic and getting that buzz to your sales pages.

1. Effective application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is the most popular method for increasing human organic traffic to a personal or professional website. A well structured SEO will automatically bring better results within a short period.
However, this requires a lot of expertise for anyone to efficiently and effectively take maximum advantage of this. You should also keep in mind that it is in the interest of everyone out there to optimize their websites to achieve better targets for conversion, as the better the optimization the more focused your target audience and visitor traffic will be that match the need of your products or services. They will be much more likely to convert.

It therefore calls for a lot of understanding of search engine metrics and ratings, other things like content, copy and quality of information all play party to your page rank and how well your website performes on the search engines and most importantly on Google which accounts for approx 70% of all search traffic.
In fact a report last year claimed google had a much lager slice. “Currently, comScore puts Google’s share as 67%. However, a recent study of more than 100 million organic search visits found that 85% of traffic came from Google versus Yahoo and Bing. In fact, many researchers in search find that their numbers of search engine share don’t line up with comScore’s.” you can read more on searchenginejournal.com.

Contracting the services of a highly experienced SEO company will greatly boost your listing and is definitely worth considering.

2. Take advantage of social media

social media

Social media is undoubtedly the cheapest and easily available platform to boost your website. Almost every person in the world uses social sites like Facebook and twitter daily. This implies that posting your information on the online social platform means reaching out to many people and a wider audience.

You can either link your Facebook or twitter accounts to your website so as to ultimately lead people to the website or alternatively, creating adverts and boosting them will greatly impact the number of viewers and traffic you can generate. You can also create interesting blogs and generate a lot of traffic. This way, you build your image and finally you will not require a lot of work to attract traffic to your website.

3. Subscribe to paid advertisements


There are other available paid for click advertisements that are effective marketing strategies for driving traffic into your website. They include Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Ads. These systems directs potential customers into your website based on their search criteria. So you have a higher percentage of hitting the right target audience and leading them to click through to your website. However Google CPC or “Cost Per Click” is not cheap and you can spend quite a lot bidding for key words in your niche or industry.
You can also find web marketing agencys or professional consultants who can help handle all these procedures for you to minimise additional costs that may arise from inappropriate bidding.
Some benefits are that you only pay for the number of people who click the link to your website. Alternatively, hiring a third party to run image based advertisements on different websites at the same time can be useful.
This service is available in Google. You only need to select a website for online advertising and choose a maximum bids per click. Sometimes this allows you to run banner type advertisements for selected sites.

4. Use videos on your website


It has emerged that a huge number of online searches are dedicated to videos. Make sure that you also take advantage of this by hosting beautiful short videos on your website.
You can then boost this video externally through YouTube to attract even more traffic. This will help expose your website and with a little bit of tweaking as time goes, lift your site popularity and help boost your conversions.

5. Create a relationship with influential people


This is simply an off page SEO strategy. It entails creating a good relationship with influential bloggers. You can encourage them to write about you and the activities that you are doing and provide links into you website. This will greatly help you because you will be riding on their online popularity and user base. You will have access to their followers and then hopefully your next big job will be struggling to maintain them.

6. Build a mutual partnerships


In trying to make this strategy work, you will be marketing other people’s websites and in return they also try to popularize your website. You can employ this method through the following ways:

  • Guest posts
    Invite guest posts from very popular and influential bloggers. This will greatly attract the blogger’s followers into your website.
  • Newsletters
    Featuring you partner’s information on your newsletters and let them also feature your information on their newsletters in return.
  • Social broadcasting
    It involves selling your mutual partner’s information about their websites and let them to do the same to your website in return.

7. Social bookmarking


The most popular social bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious and Reddit. Social bookmarking sites allow users to bookmark the websites that interest them and then allow other people to vote for them. This means that if you are able to develop unique and interesting content, then your website will be voted up by many and hence popularizing it.

8. Use forum posting


There are so many public forum pages and groups available. These may be open forums for various professionals and people from different industries. You can reach out to many people by posting relevant information relating to your website through these open forums. Get involved and start engaging, this can help increase your popularity and brand besides your website exposure.

9. Use of link bait


Link bait involves the creation of very interesting and entertaining content that will automatically compel people into linking or clicking to your website with their personal blogs. Sometimes by only posting half of the content and a link to continue reading.

10. Article marketing

article marketing

Finally the most important way of publicising your website is by publishing good quality content and articles. You can also republish on various free article directories.

Though a new approach, it is a proven and effective method. It is where you write small articles which include small information about yourself and a link to lead people into your home page.

Write very interesting headlines and use shorter articles to allow the readers to absorb the content easily. Making sure that your article is not boring to read is recommended because you only write one article and then it ends up in several blogs and websites.

Some of the article marketing directories are Ezine Article, Article Dashboard and Article Base.
In conclusion, it can be very difficult and frustrating to get people to visit your website especially when you are a newcomer into the industry of online marketing.

On the same note, lack of a significant number of traffic implies low sales which directly translate to losses. It is also critical because you cannot decide to sponsor an expensive website marketing before you test the demand for your products and services in the market.

You may end up losing money if your products don’t sell at the end. All these dilemmas call for efficient and effective ways of attracting traffic into your website.

This is when the content discussed in this article becomes useful to you. They are simply the best and cost effective ways of publicising and introducing yourself into the market. Proper application will enable you to achieve your set target on the number of viewers that suits your business.

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      In the internet marketing game there are only two things you need to know. Traffic and conversions. Richard has put a lot of effort into describing a fantastic way of driving masses of traffic to your online marketing efforts, whatever they may be and very cheaply. He also details how you can create great landing pages to convert the oodles of traffic sent your way. So both essential online marketing bases are covered nicely! Look forward to more courses from him in the future. Thank you.

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      Loved the brevity/to the point delivery and insights on how to use this specific traffic source. He’s also very helpful with any questions and hearing feedback to make the course even better, always adding new content. Looking forward to more from this instructor.

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      Richard is a great presenter and I’ve enjoyed his other courses. The information in this was new for me and it was really nicely presented. I highly recommend this micro course!

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      Practiced what he preaches

      Richard shows you a method that can be very valuable. I did not expected anything out of the ordinary out of this, but he made my mind blow. This course is very useful for everyone who wants to offer many products. The trick you learn here will get you 100.000 visitors (almost instantly) but you have to question them. How targeted or of high valued are they exactly? Luckily Richard shows you also a good method to analyze the quality of it. How useful is this method? This method is not suitable for everyone. Because of the unknown quality of traffic you get. Probably best suited for you if your product is for the general public. EDITED! Richard lately released additional parts of the more targeted traffic tips. And they are worth it. He kept the best for last!

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      Great practical, step-by-step talk, with very actionable message!

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