13 Mind Blowing Entrepreneur Business Ideas For Turning $100 into $1000 Fast

Here are 13 Mind Blowing Entrepreneur Business Ideas For Turning $100 into $1000 Fast

I couldn’t sleep last night, despite going to bed at around 10:00pm because I was exhausted… I got into a funny game in my head, here’s the result.

The name of the game is turn $100 into $10,000.
Ethically, unethically… It doesn’t matter.

Here’s some that I came up with, it doesn’t matter if these things take time either. Some ideas are 90% automated, others are 90% hard work

1) Free cold email techniques, using free data sources. Aim for $1k a month contracts to do copywriting, digital marketing or freelancing.

2) Spend $100 on getting public speaking gigs. Aim to do 1 gig a week for a year, speak about your chosen topic. I.e PT’s talk about gym routines, nutritionists talk about food/diet and business owners talk about business.

3) Spend $100 getting onto podcasts for a year, you can easily get $10,000 in business deals or clients.

4) Automate journalist outreach, aim to set of 10 articles featured in a large publication. Once featured, you’ll have social proof that’ll help you get and close leads.

5) Promote your Facebook posts to very relevant potential partners or decisionmakers you can do a lot with just $1 a day. Connecting with decision makers at awesome companies.

6) Send a CMO a handwritten direct mail piece with a $50 note inside. Gently offer to work with his company, or if it’s not relevant. Pass your details on to a company that needs your services. (I’m not sure if this is legal…)

7) Buy 10 $10 boxes of cupcakes/cookies and deliver them with a letter to corporate decision makers. Offer some consulting/coaching/services. You’ll have to hand deliver the cookies, because you don’t have money for petrol or stamps.

8) Get 5,000 Facebook friends. Rent a Lamborghini on a credit card (you might have to pay $100 interest or spend it on some software). Then film a set of 31 videos and pictures in different locations, post them to Facebook in order. Then sell your “get rich quick scheme”. (this is how most internet marketers live, I am not condoning this, it’s just for fun).

9) Old-fashioned buy low, sell high
Here is one of my favourite tricks. Fire up the web browser and go to your local Craigslist, Gumtree, ebay or Kijiji if you’re in Canada. These are buy/sell/trade websites.
For example, Kijiji Look for “buy and sell” in the dropdown and leave the search field blank, it throws up 395,055 items. That’s good, because it means the potential to find common items that people are selling and others are buying is quite strong.
Now I know I only have $100 to start with. In the left column, Kijiji allows me to define a minimum and maximum price. I insert $0 for the minimum and $100 for the maximum, and I then click on “offering” for the offer type.
What would be a good choice? The item needs to be commonly used or else I may not find a buyer, and it needs to be generic enough that a buyer might be interested. That rules out furniture, art, clothing etc. What I need to hone in on is stuff like electronics, sports equipment, computer-related items and books.
Oh look, here’s a basketball net that’s someone’s giving away for $10! Surely, someone would be interested in that? Let’s find out.
This time, I do a search for “basketball net” and then click on “wanted” for the offer type.
Here’s someone who is looking for a “real basketball net” with a base, and is willing to pay $50 for it! I expected it would take a lot longer to get to this stage but we’re already halfway there.
Then search for items with a value of between $40 and $50, find something like a second-hand fridge that another buyer is willing to pay $80 for.

You can continue this process until the $100 of seed capital has been turned into $10,000

10) Website or domain flipping
One of the methods that I like is flipping domain names. If you don’t know what is flipping, let me tell you that flipping is simply buying something and selling it at a higher price.
As a result, you make a profit. Now you may ask why would someone pay you 10 times more?
Most of the times, the value of a domain name is not known or realized by people who are just starting businesses online.
There are many ways a domain should be evaluated. However, I am not going into those metrics now. But from my experience, you can quite easily sell a $50 domain name for $250 or even more.
It just depends on how you promote and how you make people evaluate the domain you are selling. It also depends on the kind of people you are promoting to and where you are promoting.
When you are able to do it, you can easily scale it up. But you will learn it slowly with experiences. Don’t be afraid of failures. It’s a part of life.
Obviously you may not get the same results always. But what you do expect is very much possible with domain flipping. At least this is what I believe and have learned from my experience.

11) Write a book and print one copy. Put a bestselling author sticker on it, and go public speaking. Sell from the stage, offer $50 + a limited edition of your book to the first person who buys your mentorship. Rinse and repeat.

12) Buy a painting for $50 – use your masterful Growth hacking and marketing skills to get it featured in a large presentation. Sell it for $10,050.

13) Buy 100 movie themed toys, paint numbers on them 1/100 etc. Then sell them for $100 each as limited edition…

What ideas do you have for turning $100 into $10,000?

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