5 Big Reasons To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

5 Big Reasons To Never Give Up On Your Dreams

So here are my 5 big reasons to never give up on your dreams!

Can you remember what you wanted do when you were young? I mean when you were small and thought to yourself “when I grow up I want to be a…”

I remember thinking that one day I would be an archaeologist; I was fascinated with ancient civilisations and history, but more about actually recovering artefacts buried, from some long distant time ago. Dinosaurs, Egypt, the Romans, medieval England, knights and swords, buried treasures, all very exciting to me as a youngster. I never did become an archaeologist and it’s a million miles away from my job and career as a marketer,  working with computers, using the Internet and analysing data daily for a living. With that said I have been fortunate and was able to find something I was passionate about, which I pursued through my life to be successful in.

Even though it’s likely you also never became one of those things you dreamed about as a kid, a pilot, astronaut, fireman, ballerina, ice-skater, rollerblade champion or star horse show jumper, you probably have a some ideas of what you wish do with your life.

HOWEVER are you actually doing what you want in your life? Are you heading towards your gaol? Or have you lost hope, given up on your dreams and aspirations, worn down with the burdens in your daily life? Have you given up?

Chasing your dreams can actually come with some positive surprises! Here are 7 reasons you should not put your dreams on the shelf.

1 Fear of failure

The word failure in its own right has a negative connotation, and you might be asking yourself what it has to do with not giving up on your dreams, but it can provide more benefits than you might imagine. Most people will never follow their dreams because of the fear of failing. What they don’t realise is failing is one of the best ways to learn. Once you can overcome your failure you can grow.

Tones of successful people have had to endure failure, time and time again to finally achieve what they wished for in their life.

Thomas Edison‘s teachers told him he was “too stupid to learn anything.” Edison went on to hold more than 1,000 patents and invented some world-changing devices, like the phonograph, practical electrical lamp, and a movie camera.

Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first television job as an anchor in Baltimore, where she said she faced sexism and harassment. But Winfrey rebounded and became the undisputed queen of television talk shows before amassing a media empire. Today she is worth an estimated $2.9 billion, according to Forbes.

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Several more of his businesses failed before the premiere of his movie “Snow White.” Today, most childhoods wouldn’t be the same without his ideas.

Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times. He went on to create the first summer blockbuster with “Jaws” in 1975, and has won three Academy Awards.

Vera Wang failed to make the U.S. Olympic figure-skating team. Then she became an editor at Vogue and was passed over for the editor-in-chief position. She began designing wedding gowns at age 40 and today is one of the premier designers in the fashion industry, with a business worth over $1 billion.

What we can learn from these highly successful people is to never give up on our dreams because of the fear of failing.

2 Determination

When you have failed you become more determined. Determined to overcome, determined to get back up, determined to not fail again, determined to succeed. You can become more determined to get it right after you have gone through a failure. Every time you pick yourself up you become stronger and more determined to reach your goal.

3 Try and fail instead of wondering what if?

It’s much better to have tried something and failed at it, than to always speculate at what might have been if you had done it. There are times when we reflect back and regret what we did not do. Imagine if you had asked that special person out on a date, or perhaps auditioned for that play… that feeling of not knowing what could have been might burn away inside of you for years to come.

How can you get rid of those regrets? Easy, try it and find out now! You don’t have to do something life changing, take small steps, make a plan on what you want to do and how you can get to your goal, this will put you on the right path to achieving your dreams.

4 Small Wins

If your goals are large enough you will ultimately need milestones, which are small successes along the journey to achieving your dream. Small wins should be enjoyed and eventually all add up to you reaching your final destination. Each win will help motivate you to braking through and reaching your end goal

5 Persuing you dreams

The right to “the pursuit of happiness” is affirmed in the U.S Declaration of Independence, and there is a reason! Many invaluable experiences are found in pursuing your dreams and the things in life that will create your happiness. Life is what ever you chose, its your destiny and you have control to shape it as you see fit. The actions you take are your own and you have the power in your own hands to make decisions on what you want in your life. Its up to you to set your goals and find a way to work to achieving them.

No matter if its pursuing that college or university placement that seems out of reach, or getting that job interview and scoring the job you really wanted, maybe its making the team you tried out for, or traveling to another country that vacation you always wanted. It’s the fact that you pursue these things that are your dreams in order to achieve them.

Do not give up

Remember, never give up on your dreams, if you have worked hard on your achieving your goal your success could be just around the corner.

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