Affinio raise $4M to help understand social tribes around the globe

Founded in 2013, Affinio takes a different approach to many social listening platforms. While social listening works well when people actually say something, only a small percentage of social media users interact regularly with their chosen platform. That makes listening hard.

Instead, Affino’s algorithm analyzes the relationships that exist within any audience, regardless of whether they interact with the social network or not.

The result? The platform groups individuals into clusters based on affinities, along with the people, topics, and brands that these individuals choose to connect with.

Creating personas in this way helps Affinio’s customers to take a more empathetic approach when identifying, targeting, and building relationships with their audience, and understanding their affinities. Once identified, these “tribes” can be used in , messaging, brand building, ad buying, and for market research.

The financing, which takes the total amount raised by Affinio to $5.55 million, will be used to fund its on-going global expansion and continued development of its proprietary, social and content affinity . Joe Catalfamo, Partner at Whitecap, will join Affinio’s Board of Directors.

“The challenge of accurate and effective customer targeting is being won through new and highly-intelligent approaches to segmentation and characterization,” said Catalfamo, who served as a Director and early investor of social media monitoring platform company Radian6 (acquired by

The on-going global expansion this funding will aid can be an expensive for many organizations, thanks to the costs and constraints involved in translation, regulatory issues, and cultural barriers. In the case of Affinio, its technology allows for a different approach.

Curated from Affinio raise $4M to help understand social tribes around the globe -VentureBeat


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