How Did Brett Kelly Sell Over 16,000 Copies Of His eBook Evernote Essentials?

Brett Kelly saw a gap in the market and filled it, selling over 16,000 copies of his eBook “Evernote Essentials” online. His book was so good he was even hired by Evernote before he had even finished writing it.

This is a great story because many entrepreneurs are involved in publishing, writing, eBook production or other online products, or might be considering creating one or launching one soon.

Brett shares some great insight into what’s made his eBook Evernote Essentials so successful and offers advice for anyone looking to sell a product online.


In the interview, you’ll learn about:

  • The two factors that propelled his sales when he launched
  • How his self-described “no idea about marketing” didn’t stop him from selling 16,000+ copies of his book
  • The reason his paid advertising failed miserably, including Facebook ads
  • Two critical factors that anyone launching a product, or looking for more sales of an existing product, should consider.
  • Plus more great insights!

Check out Bret’s Evernote product page and find out more about him on his website here

Brett keeps the Evernote Essentials product updated now on version 3. It is completely updated to correspond with the most recent updates to the Evernote interface.

Here are a few ways in which Brett improved on an already invaluable tool:


This is an almost complete re-write. In fact, it is nearly twice as long as the previous version.
Brett included several new use-cases (e.g., Evernote for parents and travelers).
He added several new chapters, including, “How to go Paperless with Evernote,” “Import/Export,” and “Writing your History Book.”
He added lots of tips for power-users.
He re-designed the-ebook from the ground up.
He removed chapters that likely wouldn’t be of interest to a more general audience (e.g., “Evernote for Programmers”).
What’s the same? Brett’s direct, easy-to-understand style. There are lots of screenshots to help you understand the program and get the most out of it.

This video was conducted by Rick Mulready you can also go check out his website here for some awesome marketing and sales ideas and more podcast and videos.

To get Evernote Essentials please click here

Enjoy and get creating!

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