How To Build Amazing Landing and Opt-in Pages That Convert

Talk to any conversion expert (like me), and you’ll hear them chanting the same song:  “Test, test, test, test.”

It’s monotone, boring, and probably annoying. But it’s the only way to improve your conversion rates.

The truth about testing is that it’s hard and slow, and you’ll encounter challenge, frustration, and the familiar feeling of wanting to smash your keyboard to smithereens using only your forehead. There’s this weird thing going on with testing, where it either scares the jeebies out of people, or they get this elitist arrogance about it.

The truth of the matter is that we all need to be running landing page tests, whether we loathe it or like it. We’ve got to test our landing pages, and we’ve got to understand why our tests are not producing wins.

The problem is, not enough companies are testing — only 71% according to In many cases, the more costly or important the marketing effort, the fewer companies were testing, as demonstrated in this chart:

Compounding the problem, many marketers seem to have a difficult time writing copy that keys their prospects into exactly what they need to do. More often than not, that leaves them with landing page copy that keeps prospects guessing.

And guessing leads to confusion… which leads to frustration… which usually leads to a bounce.

Not sure if your landing page is riddled with less than straightforward copy? Worried that ambiguity is hurting your conversions? Then read on…

How many times have you arrived on a landing page with an offer but struggled to find the price? You search and hunt… until you realise the person who created the landing page is going to make you click through to get it.

Solution: Give people known outcomes

Studies on ambiguity aversion have shown that people would rather choose an option with known outcomes over options with unknown outcomes. Even in situations where the probability of coming out ahead is higher but the risks are unknown, overwhelmingly people will opt for the “devil they know.”

How you can apply this to your own landing pages

  • If you’re using “limited availability” urgency triggers, be specific about how long the limited availability lasts. Don’t leave people guessing – remember, people like to know their odds of having a positive outcome.
  • Test placing micro copy below the button that tells them what they can expect as soon as they move on to the next page. You may find that it makes them more likely to complete the desired action.

How testing can improve your landing page conversion

A/B testing is when you test two different pages, and figure out which page converts better. Sometimes, it’s called A/B split testing. It’s basically an experiment to see which version — A or B — is going to make you more money. There is such a thing as “multivariate testing,” but you can hold off on that until you’ve done a few A/Bs.

The whole concept is pretty simple, but for some reason people don’t do it as often as they should. Why not? Maybe because it sounds intimidating or complicated, or they don’t exactly understand how drastically it’s going to help them.

How do you conduct a test?

a. You need a testing tool. Yes, they cost money. Yes, they’re worth it. Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer, and Optimizely provide solid initial testing platforms.

b. Figure out what you want to test. The options are endless. Different color scheme? Button placement? Picture of a man vs. a picture of a woman? Layout variations? Pick anything. Test it.

Sounds like creating pages can take up time and effort?

Well we found an amazing tool that can help solve this problem in one go, and thats Breeze Builder. With Breeze Builder you can build amazing landing and Opt-in pages, get higher conversions and increase email response.

If you have had enough of having to battle with clunky, slow & Over Complicated WordPress based landing page editors, there we are on the same page.

​Maybe you’re already using one of the monthly paid web based builders… you know, the ones that make it virtually impossible to fully edit their templates to how you want on your landing page to be?

Lets face it… how many weeks and months go past when you don’t even use those builders… but still they are sucking money from your account every single month.​

Many of the features you never even use – so you’re paying for something you don’t even need – and when you do want a particular function you find you need to shell out even more hard earned cash to unlock it.

Not only that… but building high traffic pages using something as fragile as say WordPress is marketing suicide.

If you’ve ever had one crumble under the strain of a good campaign launch… you will know what I mean, talk about terrifying!

Problems  can occur with over complex, under performing landing page builders. Think about it…

​Wouldn’t you rather be using something that’s robust, yet simple to use, fast, and drag & Drop easy?

With beautiful proven templates that you can just glide on the workspace and have a stunning high converting landing or opt-in page… in just a couple of clicks?​

Using a software that not only creates landing pages… but can build amazing ‘Impossible to ignore’ HTML emails, AND Protect Affiliate or tracking links, I.P. Addresses, and track response in just a few clicks…

Something unique in the market…

Now you can get maximum, lightning fast results from your conversions and email campaigns – from the lead capture to the sale in just a few simple steps.

Breeze builder provides an all in one landing page, HTML email builder and delivery tools suite. You can create any landing page in 4 east steps.

  • Super Easy And Quick To Use
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