Entrepreneurial New Idea – Dispensing Soap Box That Sounds Alarm If You Don’t Wash

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An entrepreneurial new idea from P&G Philippines, who have been running a trial campaign using a soap box dispenser that rings a warning alert that only stops when you have washed your hands.

The new trial campaign in the Philippines from P&G Safeguard is up and running with its new Germ Alarm, it’s a soap dispenser with an alarm that only deactivates when you wash your hands.

The campaign producers claim that there are approximately 2 million germs that can cause diseases per square inch in public restrooms, however some people still do not follow up after using the toilet by washing their hands, or at least using soap to wash with. According to the American Society for Microbiology, 1 in 3 people actually don’t wash after use.

In order to find a solution, Safeguard came up with an entrepreneurial new idea to implement a red colour soap box dispenser which connects to doors in the toilet booths of several public facilities. Active pressure sensors can monitor when a door is unlocked to open which triggers off a flashing light along with the alarm.

The alarm must be deactivated by pressing the soap dispenser button, which dispenses the hand wash soap. The video below shows how it works.

This was an entrepreneurial new idea and creative way to deal with a health and hygiene issue that is quite prevalent, whilst also to promote and distribute a product.

Lets see if we can get more young talent and entrepreneur’s creating health and hygiene conscious products besides just the big boys like P&G.

Do you think this could work if it was commonly available in all public wash rooms and do you think this will make a difference?

Good or bad product idea?

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