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Entrepreneurship Ideas to Make Money at Low cost

Who is an entrepreneur and what are entrepreneurship ideas? These are two of the key questions that many people ask in this field of study and with regards to starting up a business. An entrepreneur typically is a person who is ready to get involved in a business activity, with the idea of making money and a profit. Therefore entrepreneurship ideas are forms of creative thinking in which entrepreneurs came up with new business ideas with the goal of maximising profits. The following are 10 business ideas that anyone can start off with for the ultimate goal of making money. These are;

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultancy

SEO is a consulting is a great business for those with an interest in internet marketing. SEO consultants are experts in internet marketing strategy and have to keep up with the rapid changes in the web, Google penguin and panda for example have plaid havoc with websites who have suddenly found themselves dropping in the rankings, creating a demand for experts to help business understand these issues and resolve them.

To start as an SEO consultant you don’t need much of investment and in addition to that it is very easy and fairly quick set up. If you don’t know how an SEO consultant works then you will need to take training which can last from 8- 12 weeks. Here is one of the better independent training courses that I have found:

Google Sniper Training Course, probably the most famous independent training course and “How to on the web” learn how to create new or optimise existing content websites that rank fast on Google and generate income streams. After completing the Google Sniper course you will be at the top of the SEO game and ready to begin consulting.

Social Media – Paid Social Media Jobs,  Get paid while you learn to mess around on Facebook and Twitter. This was one of the hottest new work at home trends last year and is still a popular option for those getting started in SEO and social media marketing.

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2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best and profitable businesses you can start off with from a low and in some case zero cost. Today you can own a blog without spending a single penny using wordpress or eblogger. To make enormous money in blogging will take some time as you need lot of commitment, hard work, patience, consistency and persistence. But you can always start off with blogging on a topic in which you are exceptionally good or it can be related to your interest, cooking, food, sports, travel, art etc. There are hundreds of bloggers out there,, but the beauty of the internet means there is room for everyone.  You will learn about a few basic tech aspects such as CMS, Domain, SEO and others whilst blogging yourself.

The Profit Blogging Blueprint, a 12 Step tutorial and blueprint how to create and promote your blog


3. eBay Trading

Everyone has heard of eBay,  It is one of the popular trading sites that people widely use to buy things online. You can start a business by selling your goods on internet. It is easy to be a trader on ebay as you need to bring some stuff on cheap rates and sell them after adding your profit margin and other charges. Here you can put your products out to market and allow buyers to bid. Thus you will get the opportunity to get the best prices for your products. You will need some initial capital for purchasing your resale goods, however its time that will be the biggest investment in this business, hence you need to dedicate much of your time to this and constantly monitor the bits and competitor market prices.


4. Jewellery Designer

If you have a love for jewellery you can go to jewellery making class and learn how to make handmade items. After that, sell them to people, your friends, family and perhaps to a local boutique or online in order to get your business going. You can learn about different stones and metals. You could even ask your precious stones or metals dealer if they will allow you to place your custom designs in their store or on their website, or distribute your business cards in their shop.


5. Wedding Planning

Wedding ceremonies are given a high value in most countries, people are very particular about their wedding as they always like to make that day memorable for the rest of their life. If you are creative by nature and have the capability of multitasking then you are ready to start off with this business. All you need is to rent a place for your office and create network of clients. This business is one time investment if done in a proper way you can make a lot of money and get word of moth referrals. Start by exploring your friends and family network to see if anyone is thinking about their big day!


6. Food Services

Starting a food business. Everybody lives by eating food so if you have the budget and experience you could secure a small place or open a pop-up food stand selling healthy or organic snacks. Most people think that restaurant’s needs huge cash expense? It may be surprising but all you need is a small place where you can start your business in small scale. If you serve mouth watery delicious dishes, no matter what, you will never see your restaurant with empty tables and chairs. You have opportunities to flourish in this particular business if you manage it properly and smartly. Being creative and unique are the two specialties that one should have to establish this business.


7. Event Management Business

Event Management is one of the rapidly growing businesses. Every year you can see lot of events like corporate events, events for award ceremonies and parties are organised. Initially you might need some capital to start this business but the money earned is much more. In addition to that you should have the capability of building good business network and connections to run this business. You can use Linkedin or other places to rapidly grow your network. You can start by offering to manage charity or community events that occur in your local area.


8. Recruitment Firm

Setting up a recruitment firm is one of the successful businesses; due to increasing rate of unemployment these firms are huge in demand. To start off with this business you don’t need huge investment, the only thing you would require is a small office space and contacts of few small and big companies. With slowdown post economic crisis affecting most of the companies across the globe, companies are not willing to employ many staff on a permanent basis instead they want contract staff so as to cut cost. You could specialise your recruitment business around freelance or temp space, and receive commission over a period of time a company employs your staff. To succeed in this business you should know what a company wants and its area of business. To get going Run an ad in your local paper, once you receive a few CV’s start contacting matching companies to check for openings.


 9. Real estate consultant

As the demand for property is still growing rapidly, you can start earning money as a real estate consultant. You get a good return on investment in the real estate business. A very low investment is required to start this business but knowledge of market prices, rates and margins are important, you may also need to qualify first before you can officially practice as a consultant or real estate agent. First thing you need to know is about your own locality you are staying in as a real estate consultant. For each and every deal you make, there are possibilities of getting 5 – 10 percent as a commission fee on top of your consultant charges.

These are just some low cost Entrepreneurship Ideas to get you started, however you can set your goals for business to any aspiration, the biggest thing that will hold you back, is you!

Some famous Entrepreneurs to give you some inspiration:

Jeff Bezos. He was among the founder members of Amazon web services. It is true to say that Amazon is among the largest retail markets. This was after Jeff together with his core workers became entrepreneurs as part of their lifestyle.

Larry Parry. Being one of the co-founders of Google, he made a great impact in the lives of many people. While creating Google, he never had in mind that it would have billions of people using it daily.

Mark Zuckerberg. As young as he is, he was able to improve the world of social media by inventing Facebook. As others may view it, Facebook has made communication easier and has made the world that little bit more connected.

Bre Pettis. 3D printing has changed the way things can be produced and manufactured, this could be the next big technology to transform our world and society.

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