Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Second Public Q&A

Last week Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook hosted his second ever public Q&A.This time the Q&A session took place at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters in, California. Mark was kept busy answering a series of questions from the audience and externally that were selected. The above video containes Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Second Public Q&A

Why is camera-shy Mark Zuckerberg doing public Q&A sessions in the first place?

Facebook does a weekly internal Q&A session. Doing a public session was the next step in Facebook’s bid to get more feedback from users and, in Zuckerberg’s words, learn how to better serve the community. this is the second of his public Q&A sessions.

Will Facebook introduce a “dislike”button?

Many users have requested and would like the use of a dislike “button.” However Zuckerberg does not see the value for adding a negative expression to people posts. For the internet community he believes that as people are sharing their private moments others should not have the ability to demean them by leaving a “dislike.” Zuckerberg went on to say however that the Facebook team were looking into other ways to enable people to express their feelings and recognises that people do share “sad and tough” moments on Facebook,.

Is Facebook a waste of time?

Zuckerberg says that Facebook is “no waste of time.” “Since when is keeping people connected a waste of time?” Zuckerberg says Facebook society is wrong and “kind of sad” if staying in touch with friends is considered a waste of time. He considers social media important to care about contacts and relationships. In addition Facebook gives everyone a voice. People can share what they think, like or do not like.
Facebook wants to ensure safety

Why do we have to give our real name on Facebook?

Using your real name on Facebook, says Zuckerberg makes it easier for friends and people to find others if they use their real name, (no s#%t!) but, most importantly, it’’s about creating a safe community. Zuckerberg also said that nobody will have the ability to hide themselves behind a nickname and be able to offend others anonymously.

Many people are often upset since Facebook changes its privacy policy too frequently to keep up with. According to Zuckerberg, those regular updates are important and necessary. Especially in the last couple of years, there were a lot of changes. For example Facebook now owns more than one product; Whatsapp, Instagram etc which belong now to their company. This implies that the terms and policies have to be adjusted in order to guarantee the user’s safety and privacy.

Facebook supports communities and SME’s

Facebook set itself the task to help smaller businesses to grow and reach a larger group of people. For Zuckerberg and his team one of their major responsibilities is to fight against economic disparity. They offer free pages so that upcoming businesses and companies can find new customers, reach the customers they already have and advertise their products.

At the same time, customers can look for new pages and businesses in which they are interested. Zuckerberg encourages young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of making mistakes and focus on the good things that they achieve. Another very important business for the social media mogul is to support the communities of their headquarters. They want to be a supportive part of the community and do this in different ways.

Will “Graph Search” be available in other languages?

Also important for Mark Zuckerberg and his team is the further development of “graph search”. Graph search helps people to find old posts, friends and a lot more information. Currently, this system is only available in English but the company is still in the development process.

What else did we find out from the Q&A

Zuckerberg’s favourite pizza topping is fried chicken and he takes his New Year’s resolutions very seriously. Some of these include learning how to cook (which apparently he does all the time and thinks it’s fun) and is still learning Chinese (he recently completed another Q&A session in Mandarin). He’s still considering his options for 2015. Any suggestions?

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