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When it comes to social media management tools, there are only a few that are as popular as Hootsuite.

HootsuiteAs a matter of fact, this is a social media management tool that is globally recognised and used by some of the world’s leading companies. It is suitable for business and personal use and is most preferred over other tools due to the fact that it is more comprehensive and easy to use. In this Hootsuite Review you will get a comprehensive overview of the uses and features of the platform.

It is an application or even third-party tool that is meant to compile all your account streams on social media into a single and reliable dashboard.
This basically means that you have the ability to send, schedule and further track all your posts across networks and accounts.

In this way, Hootsuite provides an advantage to people or even businesses with various accounts, a single social media platform, or even across various multiple social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Since Hootsuite is web-based, no software download is required for it to be functional. This tool further provides the user with the option of adding members to implement work-flow as well as monitor performance while conducting an in-depth analysis.



As A Social Media Management System

Hootsuite is primarily used as a social media management system or dashboard that provides the user with an overview of all activities across all accounts he or she has on the social media as well as provide a platform on which he or she can post to each one from one point.

The user is also provided with access to at several top social media streams for free. The user is at liberty to choose from a list that includes Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.

This is much easier than managing all the accounts from a browser. This means that one is able to track his or her post’s as well as reply to all of them within Hootsuite.


As A Monitoring Tool

Hootsuite can also be used as a social media monitoring tool. This is mostly considered a secondary or even less utilised Hootsuite feature.

This way, the user has the ability track events as posted to his or her accounts as well know what is being said about his or her brand.

This is done by the user designating a feed that is based on a specific search term, probably your businesses’ names.
This way, he or she is able to know of all public mentions that include the search term.

This will be possible whether or not the mentions are directed to ones accounts or not. However, the user needs to know that he or she will not get all the features that social media monitoring tools that are dedicated are meant to provide.

Be that as it may, this is a better option for small businesses with unique names.


The Pros Of Hootsuite

  • Hootsuite provides a platform that allows for the integration among numerous social media networks such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, Instagram, Vimeo etc.
  • Provide for functions that allow the management of same social networks by teams. This works best for businesses that have social media teams as well as start-ups.
  • Team members are able to send messages to each other while the business owner is able to delegate each team member with responsibilities as he so feels.
  • FAQs can be stored in draft ‘tweets’ to enable faster and easier responses to customers the event that common questions are asked.
  • Hootsuite is compatible with all major browsers and even has a mobile app available for Android run smartphones, iPhones, iPads and Blackberry smartphones.
  • Hootsuite provides weekly reports that are analytical of all dimensions. Such reports are sent to the users email automatically providing graphs that provide metrics that include the number of clicks each day, most popular links, geographical information etc. All this is done for free.
  • Integrate 3rd party tools such as “The Ultimate Social Media Planner”

The Cons Of Hootsuite

  • As much as there are some free reports, most of the reports produced points that are expensive.
  • A majority of such analyitical reports costs a lot, a fee that might be high for start-ups and smaller businesses especially if they need reports on a regular basis.
  • Using the ow.ly URL shortener is a must if one wants to use Hootsuite as opposed to bit.ly and other URL shorteners. This basically means that click-through’s from within Hootsuite are the only ones the user can track and not links that may have been added using other services.
  • Facebook analytics does not integrate perfectly with Hootsuite hence new content posted onto Facebook using Hootsuite will not be tracked via Facebook analytics.
  • Further, one cannot integrate a CRM system using Hootsuite. This means that the user cannot come up with a profile on people he or she engages on a regular basis.
  • Hootsuite is slower when compared to other applications.
  • Since Hootsuite isn’t well integrated with Twitter API, some interaction data may be missed.

Free Vs Paid: Which Hootsuite Plan is Better?

Different Hootsuite versions come with varying prices. The prices depend on the features available on each version.

There are the three versions available; free, pro and enterprise editions of Hootsuite. The free version, which allows for up to 3 social profiles, reports, at least 2 RSS feeds, advance post rescheduling as well as basic analytics.

It however doesn’t allow for the addition of team members. One will need to part with a few pounds each month to be able to use Hootsuite Pro.

This version allows access to over 50 social profiles, an extra member in the team, a single analytical report, RSS feeds that are unlimited, advanced post scheduling and the Hootcare option.

At an extra charge, one is able to add team members. For users who have many social media tools, the paid version is the best. It also works best for those who want to ad team members to as part of the response plan. The free version on the other hand works well for personal use or even small businesses with at least 2 accounts.

Enterprise version of Hootsuite which is more suited to Corporations, Organizations, Governments, and provides more than pro version with extras like Geo targeting, enhanced technical support, compliance integration’s and a dedicated account rep.

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