How to get more followers on twitter


How to get more followers on twitter and keep them?

For most of us regular folks using twitter we normally will only ever get a few hundred to a thousand followers joining our twitter feed to follow us. The plain truth is unless you’re a famous celebrity such as Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Leonardo Dicaprio or President Obama, you are going to work very hard at building up your Twitter followers.

Even with that said it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to build up a strong following, and get more followers on twitter, and even achieve 100,000 or more followers if you use the right techniques and are committed to your community of twitter followers.

The three keys that have worked for me with how to get more followers on twitter and allowed me to build up a solid engaged following of almost 100,000 followers are:

1) Consistency

2) Quality

3) Engagement

First of all you need to really focus on your objectives, and if one of these is to build a large Twitter base then you are going to have to really focus on that task. The biggest investment you will have to make here is time. You will need to really be consistent in your use of twitter and are going to have to use HFI (high frequency interaction) on your group.

There are a number of tools that you can use to help pep-up your interactions and to some extent automate your use of twitter, however I personally like to post my updates myself (not through an automated process) as I like to really read what is going in and out of my feed and network, by manually posting my tweets I have complete control of what when and how I communicate with my followers and crowd.

Remember twitter is a two-way flow, it’s not just about you bombarding your followers with the world according to you and that’s where quality comes in.

People are selective and twitter users are even more selective, the sheer nature of twitter restricting your post to 140 characters—or less, means your followers are going to only have a snippet to read or decide if they like the content or not that you are tweeting to them.

Be selective yourself, common mistakes and why you can lose followers as quick as you gain them is if you tweet anything and everything. I have seen this mistake often when people seem to retweet without much thought or coherence.

Try to think about why you are using twitter and who your followers are, if your group is just family and friends, then you might tweet infrequently and it might not matter too much as your tweets are going to be more focused on your social activities.

However if like me and many others you use your twitter feed for business or your blog, then you’re going to have to focus on what’s important to your followers and audience.

Try to select good quality posts and articles that would be of interest and useful to you and your followers. Do read the articles, news or blogs you intend to tweet yourself first. Decide if it was a good article or relevant to your followers, especially if your twitter feed is topic focused.

Don’t follow the crowd, just because everyone else is tweeting or retweeting a tending post or article, doesn’t mean you should. If everyone has already seen the tweet on other multiple threads then all your doing is recirculating something that everyone has already seen, your followers won’t be interested and might even unfollow.

Try to be original, dig out good articles that haven’t been tweeted, be a first to break the news to your followers, people love learning new things and reading new and exciting information. The more relevant and fresh your tweets are the more interaction, and retweets your going to get.

Engaging is the ultimate key to building your followers quickly and consistently. If the type of tweets your sending out are infrequent, off topic or random in nature no one is going to retweet them to their own followers or favourite them and you’re not going to pick up and new followers.

Follow people back who follow you. One of my followers and someone I follow back and highly respect in my industry is entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee. He swears buy this method and he has written a very engaging and informative article on his blog about this: Why I Follow Back And You Should Too

Jeet recommends that your should try to follow back within 24-48 hours, he says you should make sure to follow back everyone else who has made a genuine effort to connect with you. This is logical and good sound advice on how to get more followers on twitter using this method.

Jeet says using this level of HFI he has achieved around 185K+followers in approximately 18 months which is fast going. I myself achieved around 100k within 3 months using my advice here and a number of other tips that I will also list.

Interestingly studies have shown that if you tweet frequently and in volume you are more likely to have more followers, however I must want caution, if you overload your followers with too much too often they will get bored with only seeing your name and your twits in their notification window. I recommend the quality over quantity approach but at least try to post once or twice per day.

Again if you are an SME, startup business or brand, Twitter can in-fact help you to find new clients or customers. According to Kissmetrics, this can even be as big as 64 percent! These followers have a higher propensity to purchase form people, brands and business they follow on twitter. Here is the infographic .


So to begin with when you get started and have just opened your account, twitter is going to give you some suggestions based on your preferences or you can use the twitter search to look for people to follow.

Find a number of high profile people or companies to follow that are really well connected and have a large number of followers in the hundres of thousands. If they check who is following them and they like what you are writing or tweeting about then there is every chance thy might follow you back.

Now this does two things, it adds credibility and it also exposes you to their followers. Herd mentality can play into this and you can exploit this human trait.

When someone of noteworthiness or influence does something, likes something etc his or her fans, followers and circle of influence will usually follow, agree or emulate with what that person does. This is exactly where trends come from, when a number of people follow the same objective, we see this most notably in things like fashion, cars, smartphones and other material objects of desire.

Yes of course this applies to people also, we all aspire to be like successful achievers in society, whether they are movie stars, sports personalities, politicians or business leaders and entrepreneurs.

That’s where you will use “engagement” to build relationships through twitter with those key people and your followers.

Use your existing connections and friends, to rapidly grow out your twitter followers, use other social media and publicise your on twitter, use Linkedin, Facebook, g+ and other platforms you use to announce your on twitter, even post a link to your twitter page so they can quickly follow you.

Put your twitter link in your email footer, send an announcement and link to your whole email list. Inform them you now use twitter!

You can use free tools like justunfollow, hootsuite and others to automate when you post, and send a reply message every time someone follows you. If you post frequently but consistently you should start to see a good pick up in your followers fairly fast.

Sign up to a twitter chat group, frequently through the week across industries a number of groups connect over twitter to discuss topics. By getting involved in the discussion and participating in the dialogue you will be engaging with others and getting exposure to new potential followers. Become an expert in your field and people will want to listen to your point of view and follow you.

Maximise your time, we often have empty periods of time, waiting for a bus, riding the train or taking some time out is a great time to get tweeting and writing content you wish to distribute to your followers. You can even use twitter when you’re at the gym on a cycling machine.

Engage and respond to likeminded people. If you post comment or retweet on content that is similar to others they will notice that you share a similar interest, this can help them decide to follow you.

Also don’t be afraid to ask, it’s ok to post direct messages or calls to action in my tweets, for example I use twitter to drive visitors to my website blog and subscribe to my new3sltter. Do use the reply tool and engage and communicate to your new and existing followers!

Tweet quotes from time to time, but don’t overkill on this, everyone needs a pick me up from time to time, and a few good inspirational quotes always help people start their day on a positive note.

Follow people that are following your followers, there are some low cost tools one called Tweepi allows you to look at a list of accounts that follow your own followers over twitter. Because they will most likely share a similar interest you might want to follow them.

Follow the accounts that Twitter recommendsIn the discover section of your dashboard, Twitter provides recommendations on “Who to follow” some of these are good ways to boost your following

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