How To Keep Your Sanity When Working With Email: Welcome To SaneBox

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Hey guys for the last 30 days I have been working with an amazing new productivity tool called SaneBox… Fancy name huh, well it’s a tool that certainly lives up to its name and does exactly what it says on the lid, keeps you sane! Ok enough of the suspense, so what is “SaneBox” I hear you ask! Well it’s a email management tool that takes charge of your inbox.

Sane box is an email management tool that helps keep your inbox and email under control. Essentially if you use email as a primary source of communication, and these days who doesn’t, you have probably experienced spam, junk mail and generic messages at some time or another. Even emails routinely that simply are not important, enter sane box. The tool helps you to set up your email to filter the most important messages , the less important and the downright useless – intelligently.

I found Sane box a snap to set up, and literally takes a few minutes depending on how much email you have in your archive. To use SaneBox, all you have to do is enter your email and email password into the Web based interface on the signup page. SaneBox works for Web mail (such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, etc.) as well as accounts hosted on IMAP and Exchange servers. There’s nothing to download or install. The free trial doesn’t  even require a credit card which is awesome to get you started quickly.

A short time after signing up, you’ll receive an email explaining what changes SaneBox has made to your email, which amounts to creating a couple of new folders, the main one is called @SaneLater where it will automatically sort any incoming messages from email addresses to whom you have never written or replied before.

You dont need to train it, as its super intelligent, but you can eyeball the SaneLater box once in a while and move any messages you wanted to see now back into your standard Inbox.


So for all the low priority emails SaneBox does its thing and reroutes them to the special mailboxes, which you can review in your own time.

There’s SaneArchive which is a folder that appears when the total emails in all your Sane folders is greater than 5000 so it puts them into cold storage for you and SaneBlack hole, which is where you can dump all the crap you never want to see again.


Drag a message in there and anything else from that sender in the future will be automatically be sent to the trash, phew what a relief.

Running SaneBox means  that your inbox stays uncluttered with unnecessary junk, but you never lose a message. I have been running it on Gmail and found it perfectly integrated, its decluutered my inbox and helped me prioritize my work. All your other mail continues to flow into your inbox like normal.

Another thing I love about SaneBox is the digest that it automatically sends you. It displays a list of whats going on, which makes it easy and fast to decide which messages should be in your mailbox.

There is a tone of another feature that I haven’t even got round to yet, for example it can automatically save email attachments to your Dropbox account and other neat stuff.

SaneBox is not free and there is a monthly services fee which is very cost efficient for what you get with it, I have just moved onto the plan so my email is staying under control for the foreseeable future.


So who should be using SaneBox, entrepreneurs and startups, certainly as you guys are going to be working 24/7 and no doubt be pitching your VC’s and pumping out your products or services into the market. Business professionals, sales people and marketers, in fact anyone who is experiencing high volumes of daily email or who has a big email archive in the inbox.

Try it our for yourself and let me know what you think, you can get your free trial here.

SaneBox also has a bunch of training and tips and tricks, check out the Inbox Zero Academy to regain control of your inbox in just 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Enroll today to learn the proven methods employed by thousands of busy professionals:

And you must check out the 100 email tricks to make you an Inbox zero hero:

Good luck and happy email management!

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