An Irresistible Business Idea That Could Make You Millions

Ok guys its a bit random but here is an irresistible business idea that could make you millions – that I’m gonna give away for free.

Sex dolls and sex robots are going to be massive in the near future.

The first ever sex doll brothel has opened in Barcelona.

There are NONE in the UK (or anywhere else in Europe).

Lumidolls. com is the site – You could (easiest route) franchise what they’re doing there, or if you can raise investment, buy them yourself.

Launch through Instagram (ads with pornstars and glamour models) and press.

Press will be very, very easy to get.

I’m certain this is going to be a big idea because:
– There is a % of men who visit prostitutes anyway (I am not condoning this)
– This is a FAR BIGGER % who would visit if not scared off my medical/legal reasons
– The taboo element will bring people in out of curiosity
– This would not count as cheating for all the men in relationships (lol, that point is seriously deep, if true)

You may need retail experience to handle customer service, but I doubt you’ll get any problems as people won’t want to be seen causing trouble and going public!

What does everyone think?

Have I gone without sex for too long and lost my mind?

Or am I on to something here?

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