Lateral Thinking for Entrepreneurs by Richard Santoro


Lateral Thinking for Entrepreneurs will help you to find success in your own way

In my book Lateral Thinking for Entrepreneurs, I have created a series that will help guide individuals to transform their ideas, improve their work and their lives in a positive way.

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“release the creative thinker inside you to take your idea and business to success”

The art of lateral think is nothing new and it involves solving problems in a creative or indirect approach, often using a method of reasoning that is normally not obvious and using ideas that may not be achievable by using a traditional process of logic.
Using my own experiences, insights, and knowledge, I have created this comprehensive guide to help YOU with the things that you want to achieve in life. Whether it starting your own business, improving your job or generate income from the things your passionate about. Either way your going to need to solve problems and find solutions.
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How many of us have dreams that we struggle to achieve, ideas we have tried to develop or problems we need to solve but have failed?

With the art of lateral thinking it is possible to train your mind to cope better and find the solution that your are looking for. Did you know creative and lateral thinking is used by many of the most successful entrepreneurs who have lived in our time, such as Steve Jobs, Richard Brandson and Mark Zuckerberg.

Whether you like them or hate them, they all have one thing in common, the ability to use lateral thinking to create success in their life’s and their business. Through my book I will take you on a journey of discovery, to examine those creative thinking traits in successful entrepreneurs and explore how we can use those same skills in your own daily life to succeed in your goals and transform your business.


  1. Introduction
  2. Lateral thinking for entrepreneur’s
  3. Outside your comfort zone
  4. How far are you prepared to go
  5. Actions outside the box
  6. Shape your own future
  7. Rejection does not mean failure
  8. Planning and preparation
  9. Dealing with competitors
  10. Building relationships
  11. Monetising your life and business
  12. Learning and goals
  13. Get it right then expand or exit

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