How To Measure Your Definition of Success


Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, you know your life will be filled with ups and downs and there will be times when things seem out of your control, beyond your reach and when the road ahead becomes blurred.

As you fight for very own success it’s often difficult to see it when its right there in front of you and to accept that you have actually accomplished something truly amazing.

In this article I am going to cover how to measure your definition of success, as many people have different standards and opinions for what is deemed to be “being successful” and having earned the right to say “I have succeeded at something” no matter how trivial it may seem to others.

The key thing is to not let your present situation guide your journey and influence what you want to do. You might be facing a dire situation or have a big problem in your work, business or something troubling you in your personal life. No matter the circumstances there is one thing in common, you need to embrace the problems and overcome the challenges.

By facing your biggest fears you will certainly find your own success in order to improve your life or professional situation. Some of these struggles will help define who and what you are and the next steps you need to take on your journey.

Society can be a cruel judge when you fail, and peer pressure can also add to the strain when things are tough or going badly.

For example you might have experienced a time when all your friends are going away on their nice vacations that you cannot afford, or when you haven’t visited your family for years because you live so far away. Perhaps you live in another country far from your family and the travel cost is too high and you’re working all hours just to make ends meet.

Nobody wants to stay broke, lean and hungry, but sometimes that is part of the process you have to go through to realize where you are going, whats working and what is not.

However you need to keep asking yourself important questions whilst you are going through this hardship. You will need to make some big decisions and take the right course of action.

Here are some important actions by which to improve your levels of success and where you can measure yourself:

Keep a clear head and take responsibility for yourself


Your first step to success is taking responsibly for yourself. It’s so easy to make decisions based on your emotions, but you need to figure out what your core values are and ask yourself why are you doing this before you take action.

Even when I look at my own low points in my life, I can see on reflection that at some of those times I was drifting along and following the crowd an
d not taking myself forward to any particular goal. I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own situation and following others rather than leading myself and my own vision of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

Remember it’s your future and you need to have a clear head to plan your next steps and take responsibility for what you do and how to make your life, work or business successful. Measure your success by your actions and make decisions for yourself that take you closer to your goals and objectives. Every time you get something done you set out to, then that’s a success!

Sometimes there is too much going on and things can become to complex and fussy. You can always simply things in your life or your work, especially if your in your own business and go for a minimalist approach. Sometimes less noise can help you take clear action and make positive decisions that you couldn’t before.

I personally experienced a big shift in my life when I realised I need to change something very significant in my own career. The end result left me in a much happier position and in control of my own future, the actions I now take are solely my own responsibility and I am doing something that I am truly passionate about and enjoy. To me this in itself is a huge success.

Surround yourself with positive and successful people


It’s easy to get hurt when you’re already feeling negative about something and then multiply that feeling when you’re surrounded by a bunch of negative people in your life.

Make a change and cut out those losers from your life. It sounds harsh but it’s an unfortunate reality that some of your closest friends, business partners and even family members might not have your best interests at heart or understand what you are going through. Hopefully for most of us we do already have good people around us, but for those that don’t go out and find them.

There are plenty of associations, groups and clubs that you can join in both a professional and business environment but also a social capacity. Build up networks of positive people that you can take inspiration from.

Try places like, Facebook or groups to start networking or join some groups. Most of these will have physical meetups that you can join and get to meet people, talk and ask questions. It’s likely you can make some new friends and business contacts with successful individuals who are motivated and helpful.

These are a few good places to start meeting people who are like minded, passionate or positive and share the same interest’s as you.

Your circle of influence is important and you need to engage with people who are successful. Seek out business owners and role models, seek out and connect with millionaires and those who have really taken their own life or business forwards.

Find confident people who can encourage you to become successful and are willing to share their stories of success with you. Once you have done this you will have already achieved a level of success in this action.

Build your confidence


When you live in fear, its can destroy your confidence and literally bring you to your knees. If you can overcome your fears you will have attained a level that some people never reach and this will be another measure of your success.

Following the previous steps to measure and build your success, taking responsibility and surrounding yourself with successful people can help you to build your confidence. Unless you do, you will always be setting yourself up for failure.

The things you can achieve will be defined by your strength, belief in yourself and your confidence. Your success can be defined by your ability to “make things happen” the greater your goals are the greater your challenges are going to be.

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You’re going to have some mountains to climb, they are going to test your character and your resolve, to challenge you and push your determination to achieve your goals.

A person who is confident will always succeed. When I began to believe in myself and my ability, my confidence grew and so did my energy and motivation. In today’s world the only security you can rely on is your own ability to deliver and make things happen the way you want them to.

Measure your success in your confidence to achieve what your desire, believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Form good habits for success


When you have a lot of angst and tension in your life this will build up your stress levels and increase your worries, this is directly linked to a lack of good habits that you need to set up and follow.

Unless you form good habits your future growth and long term success will suffer.

After a spell of negativity I decided to create a set of good habits around my positive results, this helped me move myself forward and accomplish what I set out to do.

Positive and intentional actions will be the only things that will get you out of a bad situation and on the path to success.

I was doing a number of things in my life and work that were not generating positive results for me, I had to reevaluate what was not working, if there was a solution and what decision I had to make for me to accomplish what I needed to do to resolve things in the best way.

I implemented some major changes that helped me back on the right track and I put into place a number of routines “good habits” that have made a big difference in my life;

  • Don’t blame your life on your situation, you can change where you are at if you believe it and if you want it
  • Spend more time with those you love, it’s a good life and not a long life so balance your desire to work hard with your family, friends and those who you hold dearest
  • Don’t let people put you down. If those around you are keeping you negative then it’s time for a change, move on or cut them out of your life
  • Surround yourself with “can do” people, keep motivated and learn from successful role models around you
  • Think clearly and don’t act upon your emotions. Make decisions on the facts besides your gut instinct, the two go hand in hand.
  • Live for today, as tomorrow will always still there. It’s never too late to make changes to your life so start now

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Many people pigeon hole entrepreneurs, even by the definition of the name, this extract taken from wikpedia:




noun: entrepreneur; plural noun: entrepreneurs

a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

The ultimate association is with running a business, making money and taking financial risks, which seems to be the core components of a text book entrepreneur.

I actually disagree and believe being an entrepreneur is a state of mind that goes way beyond money or physical assets. Entrepreneurs are dreamers and ideas people, they are husbands, wives and children, the only difference is that some of us do make those dreams happen and become a reality and some of us don’t.

How you measure your success doesn’t have to weigh in on the size of bank account or the number of employees you manage, but can be as simple as doing something that you are happy or passionate about in your life, even if it’s not generating you millions of dollars.

Just because you didn’t raise that 10 million dollars of investment for your start up doesn’t mean you failed or were not successful.

Perhaps you have experienced a business that failed, a job that didn’t work out or decision made that you had to change because the facts and your gut instinct told you it wasn’t right, but you can still measure the success you took out of the situation.

You wont make the same mistakes in your next business because your may have learned what went wrong and avoid them next time. Your next job will go better because you know why it didn’t work out and what were the issues you need to deal with. You will know what decisions to make and stick by from previous experiences. These experiences will help you build your success as you progress in your life.

Don’t be judged by those around you and keep on running towards your own dream however big or small they are, measure your success by your own standards and be proud of your achievements!

How do you measure your success and can you add some to the list above? What other experiences have you had and how do you set your standards?

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