Priceless Assets Lateral and Creative Thinking

Priceless Assets Lateral and Creative Thinking


Definition of terms

Thinking – It is an art and a science of using your mind to come up with ideas, decisions, memories, opinion and judgment.

Creative thinking – it is an ability to imagine or invent a new idea, an attitude of accepting change and newness while looking for ways to change the situation for better and a process of working hard to continually improve ideas and solutions by making gradual alterations and refinements.

Lateral thinking – it’s an ability to approach a problem from a different angle and is an essential aspect of creative thinking. It is also known as thinking outside the box. Lateral thinkers come up with weird and crazy ideas most of the time without coming up with an innovation but with creative thinking it idea becomes the best.

Importance of Creativity in Business

  • It promotes development of new business ideas that are more profitable, environment friendly and customer/ client based
  • Helps in coming up with new and workable problem solving skills
  • It helps eradication of old ways of running business such as having to go to the office every morning while it is possible to carry out the job at the comfort of the home or wherever they could be.
  • It is a useful asset that enhances diversity in business markets since ideas come in varied ways thus preventing duplication.

How to Promote Creativity in Business

· Support new ideas that are workable from staff members no matter what position the hold

· Reward creative employees to motivate them to think more and more

· Invite guest speakers to your office

· Attend forums and events that enhances creativity with your employees

· Don’t be too strict, strictness may scare aware important ideas for the company

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Steps of Creative Thinking

1. Information Gathering – gather both market specific and general information

2. Work over the gathered information – look at the information from different perspectives. Put yourself in the shoe of the user or customer so as to see things from their viewpoint.

3. Incubation Stage – Approach the subject and analyse the problem as much as you possibly can, this will stimulate your unconscious creative process. Turn to what keeps your mind busy such as watching a movie, reading a novel.

4. The Idea Flies In! – The idea will appear from nowhere while carrying out your daily activities-bathing, cooking, when half awake at midnight.

5. Shaping the Idea – When you take the idea to the real world, you may find that it is not as great as you thought at first. Don’t Mind. Criticize it, share it with friends, and be patient because ideas take time to mature. Don’t be too rigid, take ideas from interested parties.

If you fallow the 5 steps carefully, be it in coming up with a new business idea/model, an investment idea, a solution to a problem, it will always lead you to new and inspired ideas.

CAUTION! Using this process for the first time, may feel awkward and unrealistic but don’t give up, be patient and you will reap the rewards when the ideas begin to bear fruits.

 4 Ways Creative Thinking Drives Professional Success

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