How To Quit Your Job And Launch A Successful Coaching Business

Todays Video is by Luke Charlton, an Australian business coach and self-starter entrepreneur, who last year moved to London with absolutely no network or connections to pursue his lifestyle and business dreams.

Part of this goal and his journey was setting up his own coaching business, which he runs remotely over the internet, able to work with freedom from any location.

In this video, part of his Elite Entrepreneur Show – YouTube series, Luke talks about “how to quit your job and launch a successful coaching business.”

In the video you will also hear from Kevin Kleitches who is a great coach and runes lifestyle blog.

Kevin provides some great podcasts and good information on his blog about transitioning into your own business and becoming a self-starter by pursuing your passions. His website is

Part of the benefit of being a self-starter entrepreneur is the ability to make your own choices. Often in society we are conditioned early on to follow a static routine. You grow up, go to school, get to college and then University and then get a job.

But cant the choices we make be different? Sure they can, why do we have to be trapped into boring, dead-end jobs, just a cog in the wheel.

Well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to be trapped into a normal 9-5, doing the same old grind as everyone else and there are other opportunities to startup on your own.

What sets an entrepreneur apart from the average person, is the ability to take risks, weigh the odds and make smart decisions.

Before you consider starting up on your own and creating your own business you have to be prepared for mistakes, errors and possible failure.

However all these things are part of the journey and you will certainly learn more along the way. All it takes one success to make a difference in your life.

How To Launch A Successful Business – Full training Guide

If you have a vision you have to go for it. The biggest risk you could take is to not take any risk at all. Of course you can mitigate your risk and minimise your chances for error.

Before making the leap into entrepreneurship you can give yourself some runway, save up, make some cuts to your existing lifestyle. Give up drinking or stop smoking. There is a tone of ways to give up something in your social or personal life that costs you money that you can use to save up for your opportunity to set up your own business.

A recent survey on career builder in the USA said 49% of people were unsatisfied with their job. That’s a huge percentage that are feeling unfulfilled with their current career or job.

It is possible to make changes in your life and take control of your own future, it takes time and effort, but if you work smarter-not harder, you can make it on your own and build your own business that you are in full control of.

I used to work for a number of great blue chip companies, I was paid very well but I decided I wanted to do more with my life. I knew that I had an underused ability to help people, to find solutions and solve problems.

I made the step to create my own business, I found like-minded partners and we set up our own business. Now I am fortunate enough to help pass this skill and process on to others who are thinking about setting up their own business, or working for themselves.

The freedom that you have is to be creative, make your own decisions and do what your passionate bout and interested in.

The first step is to identify what your skills are and what are your passions. Is there a need in the market, how do you find your market. You can make a list, put all your interest out it could be anything, playing games, sleeping, swimming whatever. The second list should be your strengths, what your good at. This should be a list of things like; good at selling, or skills in marketing, maybe your analyst or great at finance.

The magic is when you put the two lists together and find some common synergy’s and an idea for a business. This is something I help people with through my business coaching and startup training.

Remember being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be a loner or do everything on your own, you can find other like-minded people, fellow entrepreneurs and share ideas together.

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