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There are many social networks for investors and entrepreneurs emerging, but here are 10 that will get your business networking off the ground

I am frequently asked by my friends, colleagues and entrepreneurs that I meet about what types of social network for investors and entrepreneurs I have used and what’s generally available in the market. In actual fact there are several networks that I have used over the years and others I know of, that have been used very successfully by people setting up businesses, getting startups off the ground or finding new ventures to seed with some capital, with a prospect of generating a high return on the future worth of that business.

With that in mind, there are different types of social networks for investors and entrepreneurs and they each provide a range of alternative and sometimes similar resources to help you in a number of ways.

Some of these social networks are geared around starting news business, others more around business networking and generating leads. Some are aimed at finding partners and others for investors.

Below I have reviewed and listed 10 Social Networks For Investors and Entrepreneurs that provide a good range of resources to help get you started with your business activities. These Social Networks For Investors and Entrepreneurs cover a complete range of support – from gaining advice and tips, right up to developing products and signing up distribution deals, here you will get all the help you need.


It’s a social network where members upload detailed profiles that will target specific individuals and regions. It attracts job seekers, service providers and it is also a pool for provision of funds. Startups members to post their requests which are then accessed by other members who provide the required support. As a member you can access profiles of other members and even contact them. It provides information as to where an entrepreneur can obtain credit by giving sources of capital financing. Members can seek and obtain a business space and a funding partner at a fee on monthly basis.


This social site comprises the freelancers,CEOs and the self employed. It is majorly designed for sharing ideas. All members are required to use their right names and correct data. It is therefore a guaranteed network free of failures or scum. One can be a basic member which is a free position, an active member where a fee of &10 per month is charged for an enhanced profile and finally, a supporting member charged $24 per month for increased visibility. Members can learn from already successful established entrepreneurs and use those skills in developing their business. It allows members to display their business profile and its history which is essential for the upcoming entrepreneurs. One can also get business partners from this site and also choose a company best to work for and keep track of its vacancies.


3.Perfect business
It’s a network that accommodates diversified need for all individuals with business prospects. Through Perfect business, firms or individual entrepreneurs can advertise their products and get clients. Members can post request, ideas and ask questions which are then routed to other members that in turn provide information and any assistance required. Its a meeting point for business partners and potential investors. Members can learn and obtain resources for starting up a business or taking their business up to a new level. There are two levels of membership, the basic membership that is free of charge and the gold membership which cost $29.99 on monthly basis.

The funded

4.The funded
The funded community majorly focuses on funding criteria of entrepreneurs. Its composed of entrepreneurs who review capital sources putting into consideration members comments and disseminate this information .Members can assess the information and choose the best investment to fund and even enable them set priorities when investing. Members are privileged to access sources of funding and contact information from partner ventures.


One of the most well known social networking sites for business oriented individuals. Its very suitable for jobseekers as they can connect with potential employees from diversified regions as LinkedIn covers over 20 languages across the world. Current job vacancies are posted and applicants provide a pool of talent to the employers .It is therefore beneficial to firms in selecting the best candidate to work for them. Business partners can connect and update each other through the network. It is also a place where potential investors can combat, gather resources to create a business. Its advisable for members to keep on updating their profiles to gain full benefits of the site.


It’s a private network which means it targets specific individuals who have required qualifications. It’s completely a professional network. For you to be a member you should have a work email address or a valid university. The cofoundr network is composed of programmers, web designers, freelancers, executives, idea makers, investors and entrepreneurs. Its purpose is inventing a new web. Members profiles are detailed in such a way that they specify their abilities and the people interested in. One can view members profiles only if you have registered for an account. It is a place where members are introduced to potential investors, partners and getting good advice.


It’s google+ community with a network for upcoming entrepreneurs. All information needed on how to start a business, sources of funding and basis for extension is provided. Its a place where members share ideas, help each other on requests posted and provision of information on funding ventures. If you are looking for the best partner to start a business with the PartnerUp community is the place to be. You will meet individuals who think alike and chose your best fit.


Ryze is a network where members can reconnect with people they lost contacts with, make business deals, meet business partners, get advice and gather business resources. It was mainly build to target new entrepreneurs. When coming up with a member profile, individuals specify their interests,location,past and current employers. Members can choose to connect with people in their field and gather resources for their business. Members are privilege to contact with individuals who have quality business prospects that in turn lift their level of thinking to a higher level. It is an advertising center as entrepreneurs can obtain clients for their business and make deals with Ryze members. For the new entreprenuers,you can create a network and develop your business even before you start it.


9. GO
It’s a center for developing young people who will be useful tomorrow. Young people have fresh ideas and with their energetic and developing minds that capture very quickly day to day changes ,are needed for new inventions to completely change the world to a brilliant future. In the young entrepreneur network, different topics including,marketing,e-commerse,IT and franchising are brought up and thoroughly discussed. Questions are posted and answered, people get ideas and like- minded individuals connect. Information displayed is then used by potential investors which enable them to play in the business game perfectly informed. It even instills confidence to those who had doubts of their ideas on maybe funding, market and even supply. Members can partner and start up a joined business venture.


10: Yes Network
The FIRST UK Based membership based network for young entrepreneurs under the age of 35
Founded by Carly Ward at Young Entrepreneurs Success (YES) the YES Network launched in London in April 2011.
The YES Network has been set up to address the needs of young entrepreneurs so that they can grow together, share ideas and experiences and become super successful in life. Young entrepreneurs will now have their own ‘hub’ where they can meet up, make new connections and be inspired to develop themselves and their businesses. This is as much about making money as making new friends or even finding a business partner.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a business yet, even if you are only thinking about it and want to check it out. If you have a well established business you might want to use the resources on the site, ask  experienced Business Advisers for help free of charge or even appoint a Mentor to get you to the next level.


I hope you have found this list useful – so now go and get networking and start building your business!

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