Why Startups Need Social – 10 Instagram Hacks For Total Noobs

There has been a massive shift in recent years, the social explosion in the business world.Social media is now not an option for business its an absolute necessity and a huge priority.

Social media networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are vital assets for building any brand, gaining awareness, distributing content, generating leads, acquiring new customers for your business.

This is so important for entrepreneurs, new ventures and startups alike, unfortunately many startups fail to understand how to use social media properly or release its full potential.

The biggest mental hurdle, marketing on a limited budget

There is a big strain for startups, spending limited marketing cash and trying to maintain quality. It’s a fine line, and one that not every entrepreneur understands.

On one side, you’re being told you won’t succeed unless consumers know your products and services exist (which takes a heavy marketing and advertising investment).

On the other, you understand that you don’t have a large budget and spending too much on a launch campaign can doom you from the start.

However, somewhere in the middle there is a sweet spot that should allow you to reach a large audience with a conservative budget.

In this article I’m not going to tell you to use a spammy tool, like everything you see or automate comments through a bot. Anyone can do that. What I will tell you is  A) Have fun with it and B) Discover other methods for growing an Instagram account to large numbers. By large numbers I’m talking 100k!

So here are the 10 hacks to help you pump up social reach on your Instagram

1) Want to post from a computer? Get Flume. A one-off £8 and you can combine with Canva to create some decent shareables. If you have a template that you use on Canva, then you can create multiple images very quickly

2) Need to schedule? Use Grum – under $10 pcm and means you can get creative a lot easier. Easier than playing whack-a-mole with a sledgehammer.

3) Struggling for ideas? Get a little creative. Have you ever checked out someone’s profile on Instagram? In the upper left corner is the user’s profile picture. Posts, followers, and a personal note is next to that. And then, there is a grid with all of the user’s pictures. What if that grid was made up of a bunch of images that made one big one?

Instagrids does that. Instead of focusing on individual pictures that a person uploads to their Instagram feed, this app uploads segments of a full picture, making your profile grid display the whole picture…

4) Struggling for more ideas? Use quotes. People seem to love them and if you have the right kind of audience it works. This is a low-follower-number account but it does seem to be getting a decent amount of love for the quotes.

Why do people love quotes so much? I have no idea, but they do!

5) Struggling for engagement? Use personal images – i.e. selfies, real life things. They seem to do very well as they are original and somehow either people just naturally like them more, or Instagram is doing something clever to make them more popular!

6) Using an iPad to create graphic? Get Typorama and splash out the big bucks for the £5 needed to take off that watermark. You can add text to your own images easily and use a range of fonts from the get go.

If you’re sat around being lazy and watching Netflix I’ve found this is a great time to idly use the built-in Pixabay search to create images for use on your social media scheduling tools.

7) Want to find new peeps? You’re going to have to speak to new people. A good way is to look at the activity of those you are following by hitting the heart, then following, then picking out some of the better imagery for comments.

8) Want a boost to get started? There are a few ways to up the numbers quickly. A) follow your Facebook friends B) join lots of Facebook groups and use their ‘share your Instagram profile’ threads to get going C) ask your audience D) Ask your Facebook Group if you have one E) Cross-promote your profile on your other social networks.

9) Want to be found? Use hashtags. I have noticed a big difference in likes (on my main personal-biz account this is 5x when I use 15-20 hashtags over using zero – suggesting Instagram is using them to decide how often they show up to your own followers or something)

10) Inconsistent results? This happens mainly when you post inconsistently – well duh…

I believe from early experiments that you are best off having some form of regular pattern for posting, but I also suggest that it might be a case of the more often you can post, the better you will do…

All in, if you have a low follower numbers on your main account, try testing different things and use a range of tactics until you find some that work well for you.

Do you have any other hints or tips?


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