Top Tips From Successful Real Estate Investors

Titans of Real Estate Summit was an invigorating event attended by many of the brightest minds in Australian real estate. Glenn Twiddle, Adrian Bo, Aaron Sansoni, John McGrath, and Richard Branson shared their secrets that could be very useful, even to people outside of real estate business, who are looking to improve their sales. Here are some of their takeaways you don’t want to miss.

Glenn Twiddle

Host Glenn Twiddle helps agents become skilled and influential in both Australia and abroad in Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. Glenn stressed the process of becoming a celebrity agent, acquiring what he calls “the celebrity factor” by advancing toward a goal of celebrity as a real estate specialist.

He noted the average agent age at the summit was 30 and marveled at how new agents in their 20s can learn the realty business within 18 months and become dominant in their markets. They do it, he said, by immediate implementation of everything they learn because not just knowledge but implementation is what makes them standouts.

Agents who become authors build credibility quickly. People respect and believe authors, so write a book at a minimum rate of two pages a day, not an e-book, a real book, and get it published overseas too.

Adrian Bo

Mr Bo has been successful in suburban Sydney residential and commercial sales, project marketing, and property management for 25+ years. He is now one of Australasia’s top sales agents and auctioneers. He offers a simple but effective formula for success in real estate: “Return calls, be on time, and be a nice person.”

He builds a database of every property owner he meets. His database has fields for notes and communications by e-mail, letters, and reports to and from past clients, potential vendors, and website inquiries. He believes business records according to geographic areas will be obsolete soon and replaced by databases.

He builds support teams typically of two sales agents and two administrators who meet weekly to discuss sales results and expectations. He tells his team that they must be ready at all times for offers from buyers who may have been searching the market looking for months or years.

He says he still prospects two to three hours a day. Prospecting took six to ten hours a day when he started in real estate.

Two of his mottos are “The harder you work, the luckier you get” and “The more successful you become, the more humble you should become.”

Aaron Sansoni

Selling superstar, international speaker, author, and Entrepreneur of the Year nominee Aaron Sansoni has affected more than two million people in over 100 industries. His successful venture capital company has interests in media, technology, and real estate projects worldwide.

When prospective customers call, he says, agents have power, so screen all calls so the admin team can build the agent up into a superstar.

Mr Sansoni believes opportunities to save money drive customers along with certain sales dynamics based on features and benefits, personal relationships with customers, and selling as a form of art: A for authority as an expert whom customers trust, R for results they get from the agent expert, and T for trust in the agent’s character.

Aaron says don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out what to do to attract customers. Ask why until the real reason for not buying emerges. Typical objections are price, partner, and time. Three levels of objections to buying are superficial, mid-level, and core. The agent’s objectives are to discover the core objection, to clarify it with the customer, and then to overcome it.

John McGrath

Mr McGrath is one of the most influential of Australian property developers. McGrath Estate Agents sold $7 billion in residential property in 2013. He appears regularly on TV shows as a mentor.

John McGrath has said “Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” He believes customers value transparency and that secrets have no value.

He says successful people do daily what other people do occasionally, like:

  • Every morning for 30 minutes go walking while listening to inspiring audio.
  • Every morning call vendors.
  • Call five past and five prospective future customers.
  • Between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM have at least five face to face meetings.

He says about half of all agents never follow up on prospective customer contacts although up to 38 percent of sales happen on the fourth or fifth contact. He advises “fearlessness,” searches for role models and teachers for guidance and inspiration, objectivity, focus on positives, and gratitude for being able to live in a lucky country and work in a great industry.

Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group, he describes Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial space travel, as “the greatest adventure of all.”

Sir Richard’s main admonition is to build a business where staff are happy, they believe in what they’re doing, and where customers have a great experience. And take time off from business to think about the big picture and to spend recreational time with family and friends. The business probably will run better.

Work from home, not an office, as much as possible. With this method he saw his children growing up. Stay active to keep fit and healthy and be able to work long and hard. Activity is the best drug.

Have you had success with real estate investing, what has been successful for you?

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