Web Site Development For Your Startup With Ruby on Rails and Other Tools

Web site development is hugely important for any business these days and even more important for a newly launching startup.

Pretty much every company in the world is trying to make their mark on the web. However as an entrepreneur or founder of shiny new business, creating a nice looking, functional web site is not very easy to achieve unless you have the right tools or people to help you.

The need for web development tools has led many different companies to produce very sophisticated programs to help programmers and even non-programmers create and deploy great looking and very functional web sites. Some of the tools available for people to use for web development are Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, Wix, Webflow, Joomla, WordPress, Microsofts Visual Studio and Ruby on Rails to name but a few of many available.

The first few programs are used mostly to design and create visually attractive web sites, but they do not offer great database support. However the last two programs are fully developed web frameworks that allow programmers to create a fully functional web sites using one program. Ruby on Rails is not the only one of these programs that offers a full version that does not cost anything, it was until Microsoft began to enjoy reaching into the world of open source, and offered its tools for free, more about this later.

The best thing about Ruby on Rails is that it is true open source and has been from the get go, so it is constantly being worked on and improved by programmers and developers, “a community” to make it much better and much easier to use.

The problem in the old days with creating web sites with Visual Studio was that it only allowed you to use some of its functions if you deploy on a Windows server, while Ruby on Rails was more tailored to run on a Linux or Unix environment, althogh thats all changed today. Ruby on Rails does come with a lot of value, open source web development framework that can offer some of the same functionality that can be found in many of the more expensive software that is available on the market.

Back to Microsoft’s and its newfound love of open source code, the company had announced earlier this year that it’s open-sourcing Visual Studio’s build tool for the first time.

MSBuild is a build engine used for compiling applications from source. It helps automate the process of building code, performing tests and packaging the application.

The announcement makes available a version of the build tool that’s similar to what’s included in Visual Studio 2015 available on Github, but has some small differences. Microsoft says these differences will eventually be removed and it will be the same code in the future.

Microsoft also promised it’ll be porting MSBuild to Linux and Mac in the future so that developers can build .NET applications on those platforms too.

Back to Ruby on Rails, which also allows more agile development than PHP or some other technologies that are available right now. Ruby on Rails is definitely worth a look if you do not have a large development budget or need to rapidly develop a robust web application.

To this end I have written a book to help you get started:


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Learn how to use Ruby on Rails from no experience: This is your ultimate guide, designed for beginners who want to get started with a Rails application from scratch. It does not assume that you have any prior experience with Ruby on Rails. The book has 4 core chapters with easy to understand step-by-step, set up and deployment guide.

This guide will help you access the free and open source tools and software in the market used by the pro’s and then take you step by step through the basics and foundation to working with Rails and coding in Ruby to build your first applications and websites.

The guide contains screenshots, code samples and complete resources with full step by step instructions to help you get going quickly. So don’t get left behind, kick start your web development and applications off, by rocking your new skills with Ruby on Rails!


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