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Women in business, equality or a struggle to get to the Top?

There is never a dull moment in the world of business, and for us based in Asia – Hong Kong in my case, we are used to the fast pace of life and the archetypal business structures and hierarchies around us.

For those in a formal workplace, operating in say the financial services industry which is prevalent in developed Asian hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore, how far has gender structures within the management really evolved.

As mainland China steps up the pace of international business, usually originating from its leading 1st tier cites, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, these issues are bound to arise as it continues to transform itself, however this age old topic does not just apply to China. PULLY CHAU SPENT eight years working for the Chinese office of a big international advertising agency and never got a pay rise; there was always some excuse. “It was stupid of me not to ask,” she says. “If I had been a Caucasian man, I would have done better.” She stuck around because she liked the idea of working for an outfit that was well known in China and hoped to learn something.

Women make up 49% of China’s population and 46% of its labour force, a higher proportion than in many Western countries.

An article on the China Daily website, indicted that China does have a high percentage of executives and managers according to a Global Study by Grant Thornton.


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Women occupy 21 percent of the positions on company boards in China, beating the global average of 17 percent, said the survey, which ranked China ninth among 44 polled countries.

Thailand topped the list with 37 percent, followed by the Philippines at 31 percent. Italy and Russia tied for third at 29 percent.
In addition, women in business hold 38 percent of corporate senior management positions in China, compared with 24 percent globally, the survey revealed.

The survey polled 6,700 companies worldwide, including 200 from the Chinese mainland, said Dominic King, Grant Thornton’s global research manager.

You can download and view the 2014 women in business (International Business Report from Grant Thornton here)

No matter which country – whether a tech firm in Silicon Valley or a banking institution in London, my question is do we have true equality at work and equal career opportunities, or are women still underrepresented, especially in traditionally male and high paid industries.

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